My Life Is Ridiculous

May 17

sad news

it is a sad day when i can no longer be a fan of somebody because of the bad choices that they are choosing if you haven’t seen the news or been on the Internet at all you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about but its kinda upsetting because i always liked Miley Cyrus and now that she has made some bad choices I’m choosing not to like her sorry Miley but nobody wants to see you grind on some older guy when you are supposed to be an child’s icon really this is what are youth look up to and she shows that is is OK to grind on guys well no it isn’t OK and what the heck is this new video of yours all about you a damn bird isn’t it Lady Gaga the one who made being different OK it doesn’t make it OK for you to steal being different from another artist really choose your own style and your own ideas sorry Milers but i had to go there

May 17


:) what do you think of the new vid?

love this Video =)!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 01

cant think of anything witty

why whenever someone (not mentioning any names) doesnt have something the automatically think im here when ever they need it well to tell you the truth i dont want you and i never will im just to nice of a person to be rude to you but if i have to then i will get the hint anyways not alot has happened since the last blog im basically back where i started and it sucks i want to get out of here so bad that i would do anything (not sexual) but im stuck and i will always be stuck ugh i hate being stuck some where were there is no way out it makes me wanna scream anyways yesterday my mother told me that im a rude person she doesnt understand i cant help my temper things get to me and i cant help it i have to do something or im going to go crazy it sucks that it has to be this way but i cant help it i have a temper then she tried to make it seem that i was blaming my father for my temper yeah he has a temper but im not saying i got it from him i dont want anything from him and her saying that just made me even more mad at her then i already was ugh anyway that is more than enough ranting i can handle ill be back on tuesday

Apr 25

random question of the day

  • if you could have one thing in your life what would it be and why
Apr 25

sugarplum fairies and whatnot on a rainy day

why do i have no life? oh yeah because i live in a small town that doesnt have anything to do and the best part is that it is RAINING wonderful anyway i have been thinking a lot and i have come to realization that im never getting out of this town im going to be here for ever and it sucks i want to get out so bad im trying to do everything at once and it is starting to all collapse on me and im going to drown in all this mayhem oh well this is just a short rant that i needed to get things off my chest there will be a normal post on Tuesday as always

Apr 21

for your entertainment

OK OK i know I’m no Adam Lambert but i get caught up in the entertainment buzz and one thing I’m happy about is Kate Gosselin is finally gone from DWTS now im not a avid watcher of the show but i catch the highlights and i know whats going on with it and im glad Kate is gone from the show because now she can go home to her 8 children and be a mom. on to more important topics IDOL!!! now i have seen ever season and i get engrossed into the show OK so last night they had mentor Alicia Keys on there and she “coached” them on their performances well there is only so much a person can do with the top 7 now cause if they don’t have it they shouldn’t be there anyways Crystal Bowersox was the best by far last night and she has been the best all season she “schooled them” as Kara Diguardi said but what I’m kinda upset about is that Ryan Seacrest cant keep his mouth shut long enough to get the show moving it cut into my Glee time and last nights Glee was amazing i love Madonna and they did her music phenomenal it was hilarious (like always) and shocking as well I’m excited for next week and also for when they do GAGA speaking of GAGA she will be mentoring the IDOLS in may so excited

well that’s all the entertainment i can take for now

Feb 24

my take on evolution

ok so i was asked to give my take on evolution and well here it is. i believe that evolution is real why well because all the facts are there how else can we be here if it wasnt for evolution ok there are some people out there saying god created man six thousand years ago but that is in a book dont get me wrong i believe in God and he is a magnificent being but you cant always believe in someones story out of a book unless you have to talk to the big man himself then how do you really know and another thing the earth has been around way longer than six thousand years because archaeologists have found fossils dating back to a billion years and they are scientists and have run the tests so i believe that its kinda a difficult subject because most people dont want to step up and say what they really think they would rather just follow and that being said im not going to sit back and just follow what everyone else is thinking im going to stand up for what i believe and if i get ridiculed then so be it evolution is real. pterodactyls are now the bird we see today, triceratops are rhinoceroses and turtles have evoled from dinosaurs and Brachiosaurus are now giraffes also dolphins have evoled from dinosaurs all the animals we have today have came from dinosaurs so tell me if im wrong but then look it up cause you will see my facts are all there and it isnt a story it is facts that were found

Feb 22

one of those rants where you dont quite know what will happen

so what makes me angry this week is all this snow what the toast flakes i mean come on really as soon as most of the snow melts we get like 8 more inches like seriously i know everyone is complaining about the snow but does that mean i cant cause if so that isnt to fair and another thing that really irks me is that why is it everyday i see something that shouldnt be going on and it still does let me elaborate on this a little more ok so i am on Facebook and well i have friends that are in highschool still just because we went to school together dont get me wrong and all it ok to be my friend what ever but when i first started Facebook in 2005 it was just for people over the age of 15 and when Facebook started out it was just for college students but now there are people using Facebook that are 13 or younger even and they are cussing really i remember that if i said crap or sucks i would get in trouble and even when i was 18 i still didnt use words that are being used by our youth like seriously im 20 almost 21 and i dont swear like a sailor and there are 13 year olds cussing up a storm and when was it ever ok to swear online i know if i dont want to read it i dont have to but those words are just out there that i cant help but look away my eyes are drawn to it its a sickness or something and yes i am rambling but if you dont want to read you dont have to again i do this because i am asked to and i like it also i am starting a vlog on Youtube get excited it wont be much at first just daily life but when i get aclamated to the camera then i will be doing skits or random things oh and it will be totally unedited fully all out of the blue i just need a name for these vlogs so your help is mucho needed welp thats it

xoxo Mary

Jan 11

back by popular demand

so this isnt going to be a rant persay it will be how i feel which is kinda like a rant but not totally i love being at home and all dont get me wrong i feel better being here i just need a better job i job that i know when i work and i dont have to wonder if i will be working that day or not dont get me wrong i love my job it is awesome i just dont know when i will be working or not and another thing i feel like i dont have a place to go when i want to just scream and i can call it my space i am alone all day long every day basically and it is ok i like being alone but still i dont feel like i have my own space and it is driving me mad i need someplace to where i know i can go and it will be all mine and if i had a car i could just go sit in my car but i dont have a car and it is very frustrating and im the type of person that will bottle up my emotions untill i cant hold them anymore and then i will explode and it isnt always a good thing i just nee some where were i can go and let all my frustrations out and be okĀ  i think that if i keep bottleing these feeling up and not let them go ( this is a form of letting go but it doesnt always work) that i will soon not be able to function properly and i will be screwed i need a gettaway and fast it will help alot any ways what im so frustrated about is that i cant understand why i cant keep my anger down and sometimes i just want to yell but i try so hard to not yell that it almost hurts and that isnt good but ohwell ill try harder to be normal (if there is a such thing as normal)

Dec 29

what time is it? Time for a rant

what i hate most about holiday season is how people are supposed to act. Normally people are supposed to be jolly during this time and well when ever that rule was established ( i have no clue when) some people didnt like it cause no one is jolly during the holiday and another thing when is it ever ok to play christmas before or after christmas i know some people like this music and that is why they INVENTED CD’S ugh i mean seriously this year they started playing that said music before thanksgiving uh hi how about you wait till uh christmas to play christmas music for cereal here i mean it just rubs me the wrong way maybe im over analizing things or maybe just maybe im pushing things way over the limit and shouldnt be talking about this stuff but seriously this is my time to get things off my chest and if you dont like it dont read from here on cause they will get worse (no bad words of course im trying the not cussing method to my life right now) and now that we are on the cussing topic it really annoys me when i hear someone talking and all i here is cuss word this and cuss word that really can you say other words besides that make up words that is what i do and i read somewhere that now teenager at the age of 12 start cussing really that is a little young i remember when i was 12 and i couldnt even say suck or crap with out getting in trouble and now 12 year olds can get by with calling each other this and that and any other explicative with out getting in trouble yikes come on parents really i know for a fact that isnt how you were raised but times are different because those said 12 year olds can watch what ever the heck they want to on tv or the internet and rot thier little brains out. another thing is what happen to good televison i mean dont get me wrong i like reality tv just as much as the next person but come on seriously Mtv Jersey Shore is pushing the limits from reality tv to trash and when you showed a clip from the show and “snookie” got punched in the face but when it aired you didnt show it why even show that clip to begin with really and while im on tv why the greese monkeys does TBS have to play 24 hours of a Christmas Story every year i watch it at lease once since it is a Christmas classic but then i avoid that channel at all costs any ways what im trying to say is people be nice during the holiday,12 year olds stop cussing, and tv get better

try to avoid the indecision because internet killed televison